S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Lucia di Lammermoor

Donizetti sure wrote good music: fun, engrossing, easy-to-listen-to music with clear melodic lines and lovely harmonies. The COC production had a fairly solid batch of singers this time around too, especially their Lucia. Also on the good side, I had just about the best seat I've ever had for a COC production: row U, right in the middle. It was lovely, and it meant I didn't have strange viewlines.

On the less good side...The sets had some promise, but were ultimately rather bland and made the singers look tiny. They were made worse when bright, glaring lights were shone on them in lurid, blindingly bright colors. In general, I wasn't too thrilled with the lighting job. The low point was a moon-like thing which shone over the set in the final act, illuminated to such an electric blue that I couldn't see the singer, eclipsed as he was by the moon thingie. Worse, the moon-object looked more like an advertisement for the COC's ongoing Ring cycle production than an actual bit of scenery designed for this particular production. The costuming was bland and the staging not particularly inspired, particularly the use of those red-veiled women. Also, as the gentleman with season tickets sitting next to me observed, none of the men were acting. Their singing was fine, but really, Lucia was about the only singer doing any acting in this opera.

Also, there was a serious disconnect between the music and the plot. Donizetti's music was bright and perky, even when tragic and sad things were happening or being sung about. The music flirted briefly with brooding in the final scenes, but it never lasted long. On the bright side, this meant I left a tragic opera in an upbeat mood.

Shortly before leaving for the opera, I panicked because I couldn't find my ticket, just the receipt. This was a mystery, since I had a vivid memory of putting both ticket and receipt into my calendar and leaving them there so i wouldn't lose either. I checked the website, which gloomily told me that only season subscribers could have their tickets replaced. Armed with my receipt, I went anyways, figuring the worst that could happen is that I wouldn't see the opera.

When I arrived, it turned out that not having my ticket wasn't my problem at all. The nice man at the box office just asked how to spell my last name and wrote out a replacement ticket for me. The problem was that the opera had started half an hour earlier than I had expected. I missed the first half-hour, but could at least stand at the back of the auditorium with other late-comers for the rest of the scene, and I'm glad I did, for it ended with a lovely duet.

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