S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Bits and pieces

I spent much of today running around doing more errands for a professor as earlier mentioned. But today, all my little runnings around and photocopyings resulted in a lovely little power trip for me. Thanks to me, 160 students and TAs will have to use a Dark Greek reader this coming year. Aren't they lucky. I could choose any color I wished. Everything else was out of my hands, especially since dropping off the materials for the course reader at the printer was the entire extent of my contribution towards the courses. That, and photocopying/pasting in prettily two new very-out-of-copyright articles.

No one else I talked to about it was too keen on the enforced lack of telnet catalog at the University either. It's simply faster and more accessible, especially from off campus.

I also accomplished errands today, picking up a rather overwhelming 16 rolls of developed film. (The oldest of which were more pictures of you, spunbutterfly! And a few nice ones of Sunny.) I tried to run anti-racoon errands at Canadian Tire but, bad store, they'd gutted their garden department. I failed to acquire mulch or bloodmeal, and instead invested in a useful slotted spoon and barbecue tongs. I needed those things, but not as much as I wanted the things-with-which-to-keep-plants-safe.

We neither went out with the Serial Diners tonight, nor did we go see Y Tu Mama Tambien. Instead, the evening's consisted of some leisurely looking at pictures (lots of pictures), fiddling around with computers (C.) and me renewing the inferiority complex which inevitably develops from reading Smith's Alumnae Quarterly, full of articles about overwhelmingly accomplishful women.

Only two days left before I go home! Must do lots of cleaning this weekend.

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