S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Saturday: Ultimate Frisbee

A week ago, I played ultimate frisbee for the first time in years. My legs were miserably sore by the end, but that was all the more reason to show up yesterday morning for the next game. I arrived about five minutes before the game and, yet again, was only the second person to show. Jonathan and I waited while watching Law finish their game with Forestry, our oponents from last week. Forestry trounced them by using zones, which they'd not encountered before - none of us are that serious as teams.

Proof of how not-serious we are? Only five members of my team showed, so we defaulted on the game. Again. So did our opposition, who, after a glut of players last week, had a measly two of them show. We asked the referee if she could call it on behalf of the weather - it had started sprinkling lightly - but she said there had be to thunder and lightening in order to call the game off. (This seems like something of a silly system to me: you can have hurricane weather with no thunder or lightening, and there can be thunder and lightening far off with no rain or wind in the immediate vicinity.)

Law, in their coordinated jerseys, was eager to stick around and practice with us. We were all there, after all, the rain was very light, and they were particularly eager to practice zones. The referee wanted to lock the field. Law said that was fine - we could all go out the way they'd come in in the first place that morning - through a not-too-tightly-closed gate. We went to our end of the field. They were almost at their end, ready for throw-off... when the heavens opened up and poured out water. (And the game wouldn't have been called for this either??)

Law ran from the field: they didn't want to practice that much! Cold and drenched, we headed into the local grocery store, Dominion, to warm up while one of our team members did her grocery shopping. And this is where it all became rather funny: five people in light blue t-shirts, mostly, dressed for playing ultimate, going around grocery shopping for one person. I was rather drier by the end, and the rain let off. (It's rather interesting seeing how someone else does their grocery shopping - strangely, I wouldn't mind doing this again - it's a good way to discover products I never noticed existed.)

Our team member had more errands to run and we had no other plans. The guys were embarassed, but she talked them into coming along to the drug store next, all together. In the toothbrush aisle, I ran into a Centre friend who was doing the Run for the Cure the next morning instead of the party last night. Near checkout, BA found a collection of $4 toy swords, one of which was perfect for the costume I had planned for that night.

We went off to the Future Bakery next. Everyone else had cake, but I foreswore, since I had a brunch appointment with C. at Mitzi's, my favorite brunch place. Still, I tried a few bites of cake, and I could argue that this means I had lunch two days running with BA, even as I ended up having dinner with saffronjan for the same two days running.

There's no ultimate this weekend because of Canadian Thanksgiving. With two defaults under our belts, I'm not sure we'll be allowed to keep playing. Still, even if I only got in one game, last week, and a few minutes of throwing around the disc, this week, it's been worth it. And we've met some fun people from other departments along the way.

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