S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food redux

I can handle Taste of the Danforth about once a year, so it's just as well it doesn't happen any more often than that. Talk about crowds... when it was at its most crowded, we moved like treacle through the hordes, wherever they would let us. I'm just as glad now we went around 6-ish, before the crowds were really bad and while there was still sunlight to read the food listings by. It smelled delicious.

Cafe Demetre is still only an okay place to eat dessert, but at least I've finally found something on their menu which isn't too sweet and/or not particularly flavorful. C. however, ended up with a crepe and was disappointed again. Except for the last 5 minutes, they were playing Cure's greatest hits the entire time, not a source of bother to me, but it mildly irritated Kelli. She says she can't listen to an entire album by the same group all the way through, it's too tedious.

Tomorrow: laundry and hopefully a container for the soil bags, to keep the racoons from digging in them (at least) while I'm away. Hopefully this won't send them back to the peppers, since the final 3 are still hanging in there. Although none of them have bloomed or begun to pepper since planted.

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