S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A weekend in Toronto

If you happen to be in this city this weekend, here are two of the many possible events that you could attend...

The Dufferin Park Grove annual Night of Dread will be on Saturday night. The parade begins at 5:45 pm, filled with enormous giants of puppets, winding through the park and to an enormous bonfire where the rest of the festivities are centered. There're musical performances. Strikingly, a shaman leads the burning of the dreads, big pizza boxes each written with the name of something that might be feared. Each, in turn, is burned in the bonfire. There's usually free freshly baked bread from the community oven in the park. It's a neat event, and usually lasts until at least 10 or 11 at night, if memory serves. http://www.dufferinpark.ca/arts/arts.html

Quoted from a Toronto English Dance mailing list email: "There is a series of workshops being given in Toronto this weekend, taught by Joan Walton, arguably one of the finest waltz teachers in the world (former pupil and now colleague of Richard Powers, the dance historian and teacher at Stanford University, San Francisco). She has taught at Newport and the Stanford Dance Week, as well as all over the US and Europe. She'll be teaching many styles of waltz, ranging from 19th-century turning waltzes to the very latest developments (such as cross-step variations). This is a rare opportunity to study with her, and I highly recommend these workshops for both beginners and experienced dancers. For details, click on this URL: http://odd-socks.org/workshop.htm "

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