S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I don't really enjoy discussing politics, so I'll let others do it for me, especially when they do so elegantly.

* koimistress posted an eloquent essay on the subject of the imminently forthcoming U.S. elections.

* Art Small, Senatorial candidate from Iowa, is auctioning off his campaign-in-a-box if you want a ready-made senatorial campaign, ready to go for the 2008 elections.

In other election news, the long-ruling Botswana Democratic Party took 44 of the 57 parliamentary seats. Botswana has Africa's longest continuous multi-party democracy, and is among Africa's most stable countries, the BBC tells me. I wonder what other countries are having elections this week.

In unrelated, if still political, news, Europe is suffering a severe lard shortage. (More lard commentary here.) The shortening of supply is a consequence of all the animal parts usually rendered for lard being bought up by new EU member states to make sausage.

Update:The Ukraine held elections yesterday.

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