S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food-related tidbits

On Thursday, Smith College celebrated Julia Child Day in honor of their recently deceased celebrity chef alumna. (Thanks to Katie for the news.)

I realized today that the innocuously white-windowed store I regularly walk by is a full-fledged Japanese grocery store. This was a particularly felicitous revelation since now only were we running low on loose green tea, but now that I have a Japanese cookbook, I require ingredents which would otherwise send me further from home and out of my way to the city's markets. While there, I bought some wasabi peas for C., some azuki beans (mmm, dessert), some rice and azuki paste treats to go with the green tea (dessert!), and soba noodles. Everything else will have to wait for a more specific recipe. (The store also sells green tea ice cream and ginger ice cream!)

A recent study of eating habits correlates love of spicy food, gourmet meals, and having lots of friends over for dinner with a preference for vegetables over fruit. Conversely, those who especially like dessert, simple, easily prepared food, and have fewer friends over less frequently tend to prefer fruit. Obviously, there's no hard and fast rule clearly categorizing people one way or the other; the study shows a general correlation between each set of preferences. Is it true? C. certainly fits the first profile nicely, and prefers veggies. I'm a bigger fruit fan, but you all already know my weaknesses for nice food. Maybe I'm a crossover. Vegetables can be very good too, after all.

The Japanese Grocery store is Sankyo Trading Co., 730 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario. Phone: (416) 703-4550
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