S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Virtues and a poll for academic bloggers

I'm struggling to find much in the way of literature which discusses the conflation of wisdom with the various cardinal virtues during the twelfth century, give or take a few centuries. I have several sources which say it happened. Between them, I know of one image which shows a personification of Wisdom replacing a personification of Temperance, and other instance in which a personification of Wisdom identifies herself as Prudence, but separate from the other three cardinal virtues. If you know of any other material which might deal with the subject, I would love to know about it. Any help would be much appreciated!

Speaking of things academic, Crooked Timber, group blog of things Academic, is currently running a poll for academic bloggers, "broadly defined to include all academics (any rank) who either read and/or write blogs". The poll is an informal one, and won't be used in any serious study, just fodder for future discussion and to give a picture of how academics make use of blogs. It doesn't take long to fill out, perhaps five minutes. If you have those five minutes to spare and think of yourself as an academic who blogs, go fill it out. It's entirely anonymous, and I strongly feel that LJ users, being part of such a friendly, insular community, are often underrepresented in such studies.

The poll is clearly written by someone who who, say writes for a blog like Crooked Timber (crookedtimber), because many of the numbers choices reflect an expectation of a very large audience who don't read many different weblogs. The question about "how many weblogs do you read in an average day" starts with the option of 1-2 and peaks at "greater than 15". Number of comments received, on the other hand, begins at "1-6".

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