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Discovering the Obvious

So, I've been flailing around for focus lately, for some aspect of my fledgeling dissertation project to work on in particular. Today, inspiration struck. Why not work on the information I already have? I have at least 15 images which include technologies on my list, handily in digital form on my computer, which I brought home with me on this trip. And you know what? I haven't sat down to analyze any of them! And if I do, I have bibliographies on all of them I've tracked down. I could go and look up those books (well, maybe I'll do that bit when I'm back in Toronto) and read up on what other people think about these images! There's real and specific work I can be doing. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Meanwhile, haggisthesecond has been writing up truly amazing commentary on her dissertation this week. It reminds me that dissertation carrot-and-stick was exactly what my LJ was intended to be used for all along. And I've been doing a lousy job of using it that way lately.