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Warm feet

My feet are sore and tired, but they are nestled in the airy comfort of a pair of brand-new, handmade blue sheep's wool slippers. They are cozy warm and fill several years' worth of desire for slippers. I frequently have chilly feet: now I have a remedy.

For the fourth year running, chamaeleoncat, colins_journal, and I did much of our Christmas shopping at the annual One of a Kind show, an absolutely enormous arts and crafts fair held at Exhibition Place. (It's on through next weekend.) We were joined by three show first-timers, and ran into many more friends scattered throughout the exhbition hall.

C. and I are not done shopping for Christmas, but we've made good inroads on it. After seven hours, a chocolate brittle and lemonade break, new slippers, a lovely new sweater for me, and quite a few giftable purchases, it was time to go home, put on slippers, and collapse.