S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I'm having fun exploring food events, so classes are next on the list of things to sample. I'm thinking I'll sign up for two different one-off classes at two different venues in the spring. I've just committed to doing an introduction to working with chocolate class. So the question is... what should the other class be?

I'm considering a number of options and am quite willing to take other peoples' opionions into consideration. Choose what you'd want me to cook for you, what you think would best expand my cooking skills, or leave me a comment on the subject - even if it's to tell me that classes are a waste of time. I've never done a cooking class. It'll be an adventure.

What cooking class should I take?

Cooking with a local celebrity chef
French food
Knife skills
Moroccan Food
Rustic Italian
Thai Food
Two Day Sauce Workshop

Read elsewhere:
"Small, independent wineries had their day in court today, in fact before the Supreme Court, trying to over turn regulations that ban the shipping of wine between certain states. Currently 24 states ban the interstate shipping of wine, 5 make it a felony offense."

"As a translator, I would never render "j'ai d'autres chats à fouetter" as "I have other cats to whip," because we don't whip cats in English; we fry fish."

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