S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food news

I read on Snackspot, a website devoted to spotting new British snacks, that the Christmas Pudding Kitkat is lousy, but the imported-from-Japan Melon Kitkat is quite good. (I wondered about the flavor a month or so ago.)

I ran across Snackspot in the course of browsing through entries for the Accidental Hedonist's 2004 Food Blog Awards nominations. If you like reading about food or have favorite food blogs, go browse the nominations, or add some of your own.

In other food news, Salt+Light is a new Canadian t.v. station devoted to food and the Catholic church. It features such novelties as "cooking with the saints", a cooking show set in a kitchen with stained glass windows. (via Mirabilis)

Lastly, if you're truly desperate for gift ideas for anyone on your list, there are always sushi pillows. (via Obsession with Food)
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