S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Colin (colins_journal) takes his photos rather seriously.

I wanted a few new owlfish-Playmobil icons, and he's the in-house talent, so I asked. We started on Wednesday night with the Vanitas desk icon which I'm using for this post. I cleared the white table and set up the objects and creatures. He moved a lamp over to better light the scene. He moved the set to better angle it to the light. He adjusted the camera. He rearranged the set again. Eventually, he was ready for his tripod, focusing, white balance... and more rearrangements of the set. The first photo shoot went well, producing beautiful, crisp, clear images... and taking an hour and quarter. No wonder photo shoots with real live models can take all day... or all week!

It only took another hour or so the next night to take the other two new pictures - Christmas tree and my favorite new one, the table laid for a feast.

You should see these pictures at full resolution. If those owls had pores, you'd be able to see them.

(Thanks to moon_custafer for my santa-hatted default image!)
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