S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food notes

Homemade mincemeat pies with year-old mincemeat are amazingly good.

I've not eaten salsify and haven't seen any, but I at least now know what it looks like, thanks to a good book about vegetables. According to the book, it looks like a parsnip and tastes like oysters.

A leftover turkey sandwich with butter alone really lacks the moisture that mayonnaise provides.

Spicy Thai Chili crisps are much easier to eat when I'm so congested that spice and sweet are all I can discern. Their fire is a little on the hot side now that I have my taste buds back.

I'm sure the venison casserole was very tasty. I ate it, but had to take everyone elses' word for the taste of it.

Mmm. Mature homemade Christmas pudding with flaming brandy.

I'm all in favor of the giving and receiving of chocolate for Christmas.

Around the various Thanksgivings of the year, I read all about Turducken. Now, thanks to "A River Cottage Christmas Feast" t.v. show, I know about the next extreme such a confection can be taken to: ten birds all stuffed in together. They all fit inside the turkey, but they didn't all fit inside each other.

chickenfeet2003's list of foods he believes everyone should try at least once in their life. I'm not sure what all of them even are, but I'd be happy to learn what they all are in time. Today, salsify, tomorrow, the world?

1. Black pudding
2. Epoisses (may substitute other raw milk washed rind cheese)
3. Whitebait
4. Copper River salmon
5. Fermented bean curd
6. Uni
7. Arbroath smokies
8. Caviar
9. Cassoulet
9a. Choucroute
10. Pho
11. Laksa
12. Dosa
13. Mussels
14. Clams on the half shell
15. Chanterelles
16. Real Amish Summer Sausage
17. Muscovy duck
18. Kitfo
19. Chipotles
20. Pickled walnuts
21. Wild strawberries
22. Pork crackling
23. Soft shell crab
24. Red beans and rice
25. Octopus
26. Squid
27. Real barbecue of the kind that can only be obtained from a hole in the wall in the nastiest parts of US cities.
28. Collard greens
29. Spring cabbage
30. Irish potatoes
31. Fresh pasta
32. Pickled herrings with sour cream
33. Preserved ginger dipped in dark chocolate
34. Turron de Alicante
35. Thorntons toffee
36. Any raw milk blue cheese
37. Real farmhouse cheddar cheese
38. Serrano or Parma ham
39. Fresh figs
40. A well made omelette
41. Lentilles de Puy
42. Perfectly fresh mackerel
43. Seared tuna
44. Ethiopian coffee
45. Sashimi
46. A real, made from scratch, Caesar Salad (I really don't like anchovies.)
47. Arborio rice
48. Flageolets
49. Pesto
50. Som Tam

If feeling memeish, bold the ones you have eaten, italicise the ones you want to try, strike out the ones that disturb you and add new ones to make up the fifty.

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