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The mid-morning coffee break is a long-entrenched Italian traditions. It's the one time of day when cappucinos are traditional, but all other drinks are fair game too. I erred on the side of a cioccolata calda, a densely rich and chocolatey version of hot chocolate. This and Italian pear juice are why I love the local bars so much. And, of course, the good ones serve good pastries too to accompany the drinks.

We were at a bar not all that far from the Rialto, one which specializes in traditional Venetian pastries, in addition to the usual brioche and other pastine. With Befana's day tomorrow, they also featured baskets of candy coal in the windows. What really drew us in this time, however, was the promise of the year's first fritelle.

Fritelle are a kind of fruit cake sugar-coated doughnut traditional around Carnivale, possessing the rich flavor and lightness of panettone, with all the sugary deep-fried goodness and heat of a freshly made doughnut. They're only available for about a month a year, in the time leading up to carnival, and as soon as Shrove Tuesday hits, they're gone.

I rationed mine out until the cioccolata calda was finished, only then reluctantly consuming my last bite.
Tags: eating in venice, food, venice
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