S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A vocabulary exercise

I've learned a number of new words and phrases on this trip, some new, some old, all unfamiliar to me. Do you know these?

(Italian) plaid
(British) flannel, buffet, catarrh pastilles, adverse camber
(In Wales) plant
(British +) pelmet

(Italian) plaid: a lap blanket of any color or pattern. A plaid can come in solids or floral designs.
(British) flannel: (American) wash cloth
(British) buffet: (the final t is pronounced) a foot rest
(British) catarrh pastilles: cough drops
(British) adverse camber: This is a road sign commonly found in road construction zones. The camber is the shape of the road, curved for rain water runoff and for ease of driving. Adverse cambers are not correctly shaped for usual driving patterns, and often occur when temporary lanes are used.
(In Wales) plant: a child
(British +) pelmet: a ruffle framing the top end of curtains
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