S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Upon a Tuesday

I woke up naturally to the grey light of a winter morning at the very civilized time of 8:30 am, and have already managed to stay up until 11. This bodes well for jet lag after effects.

The day was mostly errands, although I did organize and calendarize job application material. C.V. came over to help me deal with what I feared was a mouse infestation, but turned out not to have been nearly so bad. I ran one of my briefest and arbitrary grocery shopping trips ever: grabbing a fruit, a vegetable, yoghurt, tissues, cream, and fresh pasta. I was running late, needed a balanced diet, and I can always go shopping again tomorrow. This way I can at least eat.

I met up with theengineer, benet, and K to see The House of Flying Daggers. It's a beautifully stylish movie with amazing fighting sequences. The highlight for me was the drum sequence. The major drawback was that, due to my inability to recognize major characters in a movie, I was expecting another hour or so of plot as of not too long before the movie ended.

Afterwards, I had the fun of earning a free coffee for theengineer by suspecting that the tugrog might be a Mongolian currency (and I was only the second person of the day to get the answer right!). There aren't many languages which have words shaped that way. It would have been my own free coffee but... well... I don't drink coffee.

Happy birthday to part of stonecircle, as well as Jasper Fforde today!

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