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A could-be-better day

It wasn't a bad day. It's just that I woke up sick. Not badly sick, just congested, feverish. That kind of thing. If I have to be sick, this is a decent way to do it. But it has giving me a short attention span and made me want to rest quite a bit, unsurprisingly. So of course practically no work was done. I tried a bit of bibliography mindlessness, but even that didn't seem worth the effort so I had a nice read of fiction this afternoon, beginning and ending The Subtle Knife, the sequel I could not before be bothered to read since I failed to be gripped by the first book in the series. I just didn't empathize with the characters and aspects of the writing style bothered me. But I liked book 2 better. It hung together and felt more focused to me. That, and there was a more sympathetic character introduced.

I've been wondering... did I catch this cold from my sister, over the phone, or from f_butterfly over LJ?

In other not-so-good news, C's flight here was cancelled - and he's only coming for a weekend trip! Hopefully he'll be flying in at 9:30 tomorrow morning, but if he doesn't get on the flight, odds are he'll skip the entire trip. Sadly.