S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Weekend Notes

On Saturday morning, C. finally made it into town. We all had a good, full weekend, including a day at the State Fair, with sky glider ride, pork producer's tent, butter cow, sand sculpture, Avenue of Breeds, biggest steer, biggest pig, lots and lots of rabbits, including mini-lops, some transient listenings of free concerts, a group of tapdancers that looked as if they were tapdancing in their sleep (and not very interested in being there), a few free food samples, a fun sparkly pinwheel advertising renewable energy resources, big farm equiptment, a funnel cake, and beautiful weather.

Afterwards we went to an art show of a friends of my parents - my age - whose about to leave for graduate school in printmaking in Wisconsin. The highlights of the reception: discovering how lovely amaretto made my sore throat feel, and meeting (remeeting?) a lovely woman named Meg Corcoran with whom I have a huge number of friends in common. She went to Smith (sound familiar to anyone? Q? She was in the Notables and Smith College Singers) and we have friends in common from there, she knew my best friend from high school back home, she works with my mother, and she's dating a guard with whom I have a major in common (and whom I met last year or maybe it was over Christmas).

The highlight of dinner was a rhubarb crisp (mmmm). Sunday, we had brunch at a friend's house where we saw "alien sculpture" (the sort of thing you imagine the neighbors arranged to oriented and deposited by aliens late one night - generally decent looking, actually) and ate tasty bagels, and saw many small children, some of whom have grown dramatically since I last laid eyes on them. C. and I went skating in the afternoon and I fell down alot, more than ever before. C. says it's because I'm finally getting good enough to be critical of myself. Unfortunately, the last one, when I was getting tired, I feel down with a bit of speed and scraped up a bit of knee and thumb. Mostly, the safety pads worked quite well and kept me from any more severe damage to my skin. He flew back to T.O. and we went to a movie (Blue Crush - somewhat cliched, but in a mostly non-bothersome kind of way) and then home.

I'm still fairly congested today, but my sore throat has cleared up and I don't feel as feverish as I have been the last several days. I'm getting better! I've also determined that I definitely didn't catch this one off of my sister - she had something which sounded very flu-ish, which mine definitely wasn't. Given the options, I caught the "better", i.e. less painful, ailment.

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