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Despite the bitter cold, I spent most of the day running around at and near school, running errands, meeting aerinah for lunch, returning library books, picking up an article newly arrived from ILL, and spending entirely too much money. The woman who arrived right before I did at Lush bought their last Cupcake, but I willingly let the saleswoman talk me into trying Brazened Honey instead. It looks like English mustard, but smells much more promising.

Did you know that William-Sonoma is having a 75 percent off sale on their Christmas products? (At least the Toronto Bloor & Bay location is.) For some strange reason, peppermint chocolates, in all their myriad forms, count as Christmas chocolates. I was happy to relieve them of chocolate bark and s'more hot chocolate for C., a particularly big fan of it. (Thank you for introducing us to it, double0hilly!)

In the late afternoon today, I spent a delightful ten minutes or so making phone calls to restaurants. Almost all were Winterlicious participants. My thanks to saffronjan for providing the company necessary to give me the incentive to try out a delectable variety of restaurants I've never been to!

After I hung up the phone, I opened another Christmas parcel, which which arrived today from my father. Christmas keeps going! Inside were a thrilling selection of out-of-print books upon which I've relied heavily in my work. There're only so many times I can check something out from the library before it seems more useful to acquire it, so these were all on my Christmas list. Nicest of all was a copy of Emile Mâle's Religious Art in France in the Thirteenth Century - which my grandfather gave to my father in 1969.


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Jan. 19th, 2005 03:27 am (UTC)
It must be amazing to have an academic family member, and one who follows your interests so closely. The only thing my father and I have in common is our ravenous love for the Red Sox. You are indeed lucky!
Jan. 19th, 2005 03:35 am (UTC)
Both my parents have been academically helpful in my life. Occasionally - just now and again - I feel defensive of my academic territory around them, but then I chose a field which only overlaps with theirs a bit. Generally, it's extremely helpful. I can ask them questions, get help proofing things like cover letters, and they sometimes run into relevant sources for me, which means they'll regularly email me images of things that might potentially be useful.

You're right. I really am lucky.
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