S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Odds and ends

  • So, Chantico, Starbucks' latest hot chocolate drink, has been receiving a great deal of food forum and weblog press. Everything I've read about it has been gushingly enthused. So I tried some today... and was disappointed. Yes, it's much chocolate-ier and not quite as sickly sweet as their usual hot chocolate, but it's still a bit syrupy, and still way too sweet. I needed to drink water afterwards to recover. If you're in Toronto and want good hot chocolate, go to J.S. Bonbons on Queen St., or Soma. Toronto Life (Feb 2005 issue) also recommends Jet Fuel, Le Gourmand, and the seven-branch Churrisimo.
  • I always, always forget that any journal listed in the U of T card catalog as being in the Engineering library isn't, if it's before 1985. Of course, this is the same library that could not find the special collection, hidden-behind-the-desk volume I really did want to look at today. They'd better not have lost it.
  • I bought useful things today: a powered USB hub and another set of cardboard shelves for organizing articles. (medievalist is right - I need to update my book database - in FileMaker - to include the whereabouts of articles.)
  • Whole Foods sells quince paste and spicy quince preserve, but no fresh, whole quinces.
  • Dinah's Cupboard (on Cumberland between Bay and Yonge) sells both quince jelly and quince jam.
  • The LCBO stocks quince-flavored brandy... but, not being a brandy fan, it's not worth paying $50 to acquire.
  • Iranian archaeologists have unearthed 5000-year-old cumin in a dig. I wonder how much evidence there is for other spice use that far back? (via mirabilis.ca)
  • And my email box contained a very delightful thing from my mother today: a link to an image painted by my great-grandfather. It's lovely. Relatives are trying to buy it, if it's still available.
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