S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Very little could have induced me to leave the house today, despite the sun, the above-freezing temperatures causing long lines at car washes, and even having particularly nice hair today to show off. I'd already turned down a tempting offer to go to the movies, and planned to skip my department's major annual Order of the Falling Apple party in an effort to do as much work as possible.

But then, not long after I'd posted about that very store, Any Direct Flight called me to say that my suit was ready!

Back in November or so, I commissioned Margot, the designer there, to make me a suit, inspired by the vintage '50 flowing feel of the one my sister bought there, and frustrated by what I'd seen in malls. There was a delay: I was away when the designer realized the original fabric I'd chosen had a flaw in it, so I needed to choose a replacement. But today, the suit was done. And it's beautiful. It fits me perfectly, looks professional, it's elegant, and it has an appropriately flowy A-line skirt. I'm ready for job interviews now, when they come my way.
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