S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Many things in a day

I had a reasonably good day. I didn't do any work and inadvertantly accomplished a great deal in the process. I visited a friend (who's recovering from her second knee replacement surgery - as you might guess, she's substantially older than I am). I went to the dentist and have lovely clean teeth. I finished The Amber Spyglass. I went to Zanzibar's (a coffee house) and ran into the mother of someone I knew in high school and got some good updates. I did a fair amount of driving (which I hardly ever do these days). I went to a talk at DMAC where I saw many people I think of fondly. My mother made fresh pesto and it was delicious. I finally deposited my checks and showed my parents the fairly random selection of trip photos I'd brought along. My father and I played duets.

I went skating and it was good. It was my best skating expedition yet, and not simply because I'm getting better. The paving is wonderfully smooth and even, I've gotten to know the terrain there better, there weren't too many other people using the path and - for the first time - I was skating all by myself. It made me realize how competitive I feel when skating with other people, even if they're not on skates. I compare myself to how fast they're going or how competent they are and feel inadequate. By myself, I had no pressure and it was wonderful. (Well, other than the self-imposed pressure of not wanting to fall down and scrape up my skin any further. I'm still healing from Sunday.)

And best of all? After a very brief talk with my parents, I managed to successfully narrow the focus of my dissertation and I am SO happy about it. My topic was far too large and messy, a giant survey work. I have a much better sense of what I'm doing and it's still true to my approved dissertation proposal.

I'd write more but the sky has opened up with rain and lightning and the computer would be happier away from the phone lines. I'll miss being home, so tranquil here. I go back to Toronto tomorrow.

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