S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Schedule of Food Events

I'm writing to update you on my current food-related projects and their schedules.

I have two more cooking classes scheduled for the next week, one a new addition. Way back when I asked you to vote on which cooking class I should take, Moroccan won. You'll be pleased to know I'm now signed up to take a Moroccan cooking class - tomorrow!

The Cream Teas of Toronto project is ongoing. I've learned of several more venues to add to the list, so if any of you would like to meet up for social reasons, I'm more than happy to coordinate it with a tea-going expedition as well. After the King Edward, there's the Red Tea Box, La Tea Da, the Old Mill Tea Room, and Cawthra Square B&B. I've run across several sites which claim that Pangaea serves it too, but the restaurant's own website doesn't mention it. I'll call and investigate.

I'd like to hold a quince-product tasting sometime in the next two weeks or so. curtana and saffronjan are the two people who are specifically interested, so I'll schedule it to suit them.

A month later, I still need to write up the wonderful meal I had at Splendido. I haven't forgotten.

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