S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Health, Wealth, Folly

News articles frequently make me thankful for the quality of life I've enjoyed everywhere that I've lived. Whether or not I'm in a country with nationalized health care, there are hospitals widely available for my use, should I need them. Public libraries abound, even if their budgets are tightened. And thus far in life, I've been pretty healthy.

Two articles in the last few days have made me particularly aware of all of these positives in my life. One article involves a personal connection. Rob Borsellino is a family friend who was diagnosed in the last few months with Lou Gehrig's Disease. He's the second family friend in a year with this diagnosis. It's a heart-breaking condition, slow nervous system deterioration. There's no cure.

The other article dealt with a situation on such a large scale I struggle to wrap my mind around it. All of the hospitals in Turkmenistan are being closed, except for those in the capital. That's the worst of it, and mandated by oil-rich Turkmenistan's idiosyncratic head of state. But there's more: "At the same time, the president has also ordered the closure of rural libraries, saying they are pointless because village Turkmens do not read."

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