S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Wild Truffles (and other sweets)

On Tuesday, the postman delivered a small pastic-wrapped box to my doorstep. Since I'm working at home right now, it's a very convenient time for me to receive deliveries. It would have been a shame for this particular box to sit out on the doorstep all day and freeze; it contained truffles, you see.

DC Duby's Wild Sweets line of chocolate and sugar confections seems to only be available by mail-order, to the disappointment of people who, like the company, are based in Vancouver. The pastry chefs behind the company compete at the international level in pastry and chocolate competitions. And I first heard of them in late February thanks to A la Cuisine, and his participation in the Independent Food Festival and Awards (IFFA). He awarded DC Duby's Wild Squash truffles the "The Maple Syrup Confection Worth its Weight in Gold" Award.

Although swaddled in styrofoam peanuts, the truffles were packed loosely in the inside box. They're strong enough that they arrived intact, but given the reputation for presentation that this company has, I was somewhat disappointed by the way the truffles were running around on the inside of the box. Still, it doesn't seem to have them any harm. Interestingly, the truffles also came complete with tasting notes.

Rich, dark chocolate bathed a wrap of toasted pumpkin seeds on the outside of the Wild Squash truffle. Inside, the soft ganache offered a delicate blend of chocolate, squash, and maple. I'm not sure I could identify the Asian spices which the tasting notes promised, but the confection was a very good one regardless, a strikingly different take on what can be done with a truffle. The rest of the box offers more striking combinations: icewine and fruit, ginseng and sunflower seeds.

On the subject of the IFFA, I used the excuse of Saturday's party to try out another award winner. Brachetto d'Acqui comes in a half-sized bottle, a light, nicely balanced sparkling dessert wine which tastes of strawberries. A bottle of this wine would go very nicely indeed with the Wild Sweets truffles.
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