S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Impromptu - and completely theoretical - quince advice

If you find a quince
- say, for 99 cents -
then under the tap you should rinse
it. And then you must wait, since
a newly-plucked quince
is too dense both for teeth and for sense.
If some weeks in past tense
you that quince once did rinse,
then it's time to inspect it for dents.

If it's damaged, then brew it.
It's perfect? Then stew it,
and chew it with rue or with mince.

It's true that a stew with the dew of a quince
is a stew to review with a few friends, and hence
it will cue up a new demand too - at expense -
for your stew, and the crew will thank you like a prince.
Tags: food, fruit, poetry, quince
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