S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A vaguely generic owlfish post

(I love the results of this meme I've seen circulating all over the place today. My version of it went somewhat astray.)

Let me tell you of restaurants, flavored and fair.
Let me ask you about something out there somewhere.

I went to see anime, some good, some bad.
I read something moving, and it made me sad.
I found some nice clothing that I'd like to wear.
And I'd like to find more somewhere out there somewhere.

Let me tell you the stars were astounding tonight.
Let me tell you the world's good, and it's all alright.

I've opionions on movies - I'll tell them to you -
and on opera, orchestra, choirs old and new.
I updated my site, and I swear I'll repair
The colors it has, somewhen out there somewhere.

Let me tell you of tea, full of scones, cream, and jam.
Let me tell you of words, and the Latin exam.

I will quote a quotation I recently saw.
I will ponder on quinces, stewed or else raw.
I will tell you a tale, one that I want to share.
I will tell you about something out there somewhere.

Let me point you to websites much nicer than mine.
Let me recommend places where I like to dine.

I bought a new toy - here's a photo or three.
I'm worried, I fret about me, me, me, me.
From Toronto, from Venice, from here and from there,
I will write about things somewhere out there somewhere.

Let me tell you the storm's here, it's pouring down rain.
Let me tell you I'm cleaning, and it's such a pain.

But enough about me, here's a poll about you!
From the smallest results, I will broadly construe.

Would you rather...

play board games
or else solitaire?

I know that the answer is somewhere out there.
Tags: meme, poetry

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