S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Staying home

It can be very relaxing to stay at home for the day, avoiding errands and transit and looming rainshowers. I have a great deal of work which is best done at home, and I'm most productive when daytime commitments don't distract me from it. It's much more pleasant, however, when I feel I have the option of going out, to the nice cheese store, for example, or any other small errand should whim or need demand it.

Instead, I'm staying home for other reasons: in case a K'zoo friend briefly in town calls; to clean the house (again) for the painters coming tonight and tomorrow and Sunday; and, most of all, to intercept the express mail packet which C. sent me a few days ago, and which really ought to be arriving today. I don't need to go out at all... but the prospect of more cheese is rather tempting.

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