S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Song and Flight

I've book airplane tickets, a consular appointment, and dinner at one of the world's best restaurants (by many reports) for Chicago in approximately two weeks. My father is quite likely to join me there. This whole little trip is starting to seem very real. So is the bigger move that this visa will enable.

In more frivolous news, the semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest are tomorrow. I've been idly listening to the entrants - yet again, Austria is doing a completely silly song based on traditional elements (yodelling and alien spaceships!), and Eastern European countries have videos with leather-clad performers. (Update: Hungary's Nox, with "Spin, World" is the first song to grab me - largely for the quality of the video and its traditional/modern fusion.)

It's a week of visitors: griffinick passed through town for a whirlwind of ice cream at Greg's and chocolate chip cookies. Later in the week, I might have a chance to meet schizmatic's spouse and double0hilly's parents.

Small world story: One of the other Toronto Colins is going to live at Goodenough House in London next academic year. It's subsidized housing for international academics - and I lived there with my family for a year when I was 10. We talked this over in the wake of Don's birthday party, a celebration which centered around a boatload of sushi. Another highlight was the complimentary deep-fried banana with vanilla ice cream. It was good to see so many infrequently-seen friends again.

Also: There's a new Muppets movie coming out on Friday! Alas, it's only on the small screen, but I'm excited about the prospect of Muppets in Oz.
Tags: eurovision, moving experiences

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