S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Domori chocolate

I've been trying a variety of high-quality dark chocolates lately, including Michel Cluizel's Hacienda "Mangaro" (65%) and the house-brand of dark chocolate at Simone Marie chocalatiers (65%). Today I tried Domori's Blend No. 1 (78%). Usually a cocoa mass concentration that high is rather bitter, but this one was extraordinarily: smooth, rich, crisp, complex. I veered away from trying the even higher percentages which their other bars contain, but if they can make this one so accessible, then I really do want to taste what they can do in the rest of their range.

I found the Domori bars at Le Fromagerie, the lovely cheese shop recently opened at Ossington and College in Toronto.
Tags: chocolate, eating in toronto, food, sweets
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