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Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Hopefully some of you will find some of these vaguely entertaining to read. I could even claim tapping into a meme, since several people have recently posted lists of LJers they've met before. In my case, since most people whose LJs I read are real life friends (or at least are now), I only posted a list of people I have not met. It's much shorter.

Plenty of non-LJ-using webloggers belong in these lists too, of course - but I've excluded them today for only one reason: I was inspired to compile these by my third anniversary of using LiveJournal.

The names in paratheses are those of people who belong in the list, but for whom the list has very little or nothing to do with why I know them. I've included various people not on my friendslist, but who I've met.

Smith-related friends: althanna, alysonwonderlan, ballincollig, brennabe, (chamaeleoncat), (cocoasushigrrl), darkling_dreams, darktouch, dunkelza, f_butterfly, filthyassistant, flos_campi, innostrantsa, karabean, la_monday, ladyarren, littleowl, (marzapane), maps_or_guitars, mathilde, (moochmooch), nepenthe01, paladyn, retsuko, rhiannon76, samueljl, sioneva, suzuno

York-related friends: (beeswing), (black_faery), (_cassidy_), darkling_dreams, eddie777, evieb, kashmera, madcatlady, (makyo), lazyknight, nuthouse, (rhube), stonecircle, wibblepot

Toronto medievalists: aliciam, (amberspyglass), antheiasilva, ballincollig, chamaeleoncat, consiliaetfacta, curtana, cwjat, dark_age_gal, double0hilly, griffinick, henchminion, in_translation, irvinl, lady_octavia, larkvi, morchu, philoclea, piratehead, saffenn, saffronjan, schizmatic, sursamajor

Other medievalists: irisbleu, jandersoncoats, juniperus, justinsomnia, medievalist, morganlf, naomichana, pockawida, rhiannon76, rhodri2112, suffisaunce, tsutanai

Other Torontonian connections: aerinah, (artifuss), benet, boywhocantsayno, carmen_sandiego, chickenfeet2003, cocoasushigrrl, green_trilobite, hereward, lemur_catta, marahsk, mm_fijagh, moon_custafer, rfmcdpei, snowdrifted, (square_egg), thebigbad, theengineer, ultrascichick, venite_bestiae, zero_gravity

Mush folk: (amberspyglass), (articangel02), bromith, cliosfolly, crustycurmudgeo, flos_campi, helenschappell, ivpiter, jascot, jenipurr, jennybeast, littleowl, onlyocelot, relentlesstoil, rippah, samueljl, skeller, suzuno, svb1972, tammabanana

Encountered in SciFi/Fantasy clubs and cons: alysonwonderlan, angrykat, (artifuss), benet, (black_faery), boywhocantsayno, brennabe, brief_music, darkling_dreams, darktouch, dragonmango, eddie777, evieb, f_butterfly, filthyassistant, flos_campi, green_trilobite, guyelfkin, hedgies, henchminion, jeffreyab, jennybeast, kaijugal, kashmera, la_monday, ladyarren, lazyknight, littleowl, madcatlady, makyo, marahsk, mathilde, moon_custafer, paladyn, papersky, retsuko, sarcasm_hime, sioneva, theengineer, zero_gravity

Partners of friends make good friends too: aca, (bromith), curtana, hedgies, jennaria, jerryrigged, lemur_catta, naxos, revengel, samueljl, (svb1972)

None of the above; those who make me a well-rounded individual, many of whom I encountered in much more interesting ways than usual: _gabrielle_, also_boni, artifuss, austengirl , d_benway, doctor_mama, easterbunny, guyelfkin, haggisthesecond, kharin, koimistress, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, oursin, ozarque, papersky, phonephobic, siusaidh, suslikuk, toscas_kiss, truepenny, tsenft, verlaine, wakarusa

Originally encountered through LJ: _gabrielle_, aca, aliciam, also_boni, amberspyglass, anayjay, aquitaineq, articangel02, artifuss, austengirl, beeswing, chickenfeet2003, curtana, d_benway, doctor_mama, double0hilly, dsgood, easterbunny, forthright, haggisthesecond, irisbleu, jandersoncoats, jennaria, jerryrigged, juniperus, justinsomnia, kharin, koimistress, lady_fairiedus, lemur_catta, makyo, medievalist, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, morganlf, naomichana, naxos, opportunitygrrl, oursin, papersky, phonephobic, pockawida, rosetta_stone, saffronjan, spiritrover, square_egg, suffisaunce, suslikuk, tammabanana, truepenny, tsenft, tsutanai, verlaine, zero_gravity

Cascading LJ connections:
cliosfolly, saffronjan, tammabanana, jerryrigged, double0hilly, aquitaineq
rhiannon76, easterbunny, haggisthesecond, _gabrielle_
easterbunny, aca, rplackett, jhaelan, billyabbott, rjw1, drplotka, flickgc, realtan_danaan, thedarkpoint, elvum, denalyia, rsking (Not that I remember most of which are which any more...)
irisbleu, jennaria, toscas_kiss, daegaer, louiselux
madcatlady, black_faery, _cassidy_, rhube

Those I've never met: _gabrielle_, also_boni, amberspyglass, artifuss, austengirl, beeswing, bromith, crustycurmudgeo, d_benway, doctor_mama, jandersoncoats, jascot, jennaria, jerryrigged, kharin, koimistress, makyo, medievalist, minira, mizu_gami, momiji, naomichana, (opportunitygrrl), ozarque, phonephobic, pockawida, rippah, skeller, (spiritrover), square_egg, suffisaunce, suslikuk, truepenny, tsenft, tsutanai, verlaine


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(Deleted comment)
May. 22nd, 2005 10:12 pm (UTC)
Only one of those lists counts as a meme. But if you follow my example, it'll become one!

Think of all the other exciting ways to list people on your friendslist: all those starting with a vowel; all those born in a country other than the one they currently live in; people known to have baked a pie in their life - the options are endless!
May. 22nd, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC)
Also, I'm quite interested in how you encountered your people collection. If, you know, you decided to do something like this.
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