S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Food Entertainment

For two nights running, dinner has involved interactive food preparation as part of the meal process. That's a very formal way to say that we made s'mores and grilled meat, only under more unusual circumtances than I usually do either.

Thanks to carmen_sandiego and snowdrifted, aerinah, J. and I had the fun of making mini-s'mores last night. Take a mini-marshmallow or two, and toast it over an individual tea light. When the marshmallow is bubbly, soft, and nicely toasted, take two Chex squares (or shreddies, as they're called here), place a chocolate chip or two on one of them, and sandwich the mini-marshmallows in the middle. They're cute, they're fun, and they taste wonderful.

We also made individual upside down pineapple cakes, partially recreating the fun of Girl Guides camp in the security of our hosts' kitchen, before retiring to a challenging game of Harry Potter trivia. (The Durseleys stayed in room 17 while fleeing the Hogwarts letters.)

Tonight, aerinah, B., and I checked out the Fondue and Grill place just south of Yonge and Bloor. I really love fondue, you see, and had been wanting to try this place for a while. Alas, there was no fondue to be found, but the grilling was fun, and we reconciled ourselves to all-you-can-eat meat, veg, and a variety of noodles, including vermicelli, pad thai, and spicy noodles. The meat was tremendously varied, each in its own bowl and tasty marinade: pork, lamb, chicken, squid, salmon, another fish, shrimp, mussels, ribs, beef, tongue, liver, and my favorite, betel-leaf wrapped beef. My banana smoothie was pleasant and intensively banana-y too. Up until they neglected to clear the meat after turning off our stove and failed to bring us the bill at the same time, service was good.
Tags: cooking, eating in toronto, food, sweets

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