S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


The flicker of light on my bedroom ceiling woke me around 4 in the morning. The pattern was just steady enough I first thought it the reflected light from a cop car in the back alleyway. But no... the light was pale white, and, looking out the window towards the lake, lightning danced inecessantly over the water.

I didn't hear thunder. Was it a thunderstorm off in the distance? Was it heat lightning, conjured by this week's heat? I don't know. But lightning danced over the water.

Meanwhile, further south still, in the Gulf of Mexico... what rough winds, their hour come round at last / slouch towards Mobile, AL to be born? Tropical Storm Arlene looks unlikely to make hurricane status, but it is the first storm of the season. (Thanks to anayajay for the alert.)

(A thought: I need a weather icon - I wonder if it's possible to do it out of Playmobil, or if I'll have to give up on that theme - just for this - and go further afield?)
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