S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Tornado weather

In many ways, it's a good thing that SmithKatie and I had no idea that tornado warnings had been issued yesterday evening. We were walking down It looked like tornado weather - I said as much, with the sky an unhealthy green - but for some reason didn't think Toronto was prone to them. Still, the weather was lurid enough that I took a few pictures.

If I hadn't taken the picture myself, and seen the "data missing" warning when I tried opening it, I would have been certain that this one was a heavily-doctored photographic collage.

Around midnight, two thunderstorms collided over the city. We watched them roll in from the west and south, sheets of lightning dancing in the air, while a family of racoons - four little ones - bumbled around the neighboring rooftop. Eventually the skies opened up, and we watched the storm glimmer through the expanse of the skylight.

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