S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Renaissance Odds and Movie Ends. Plus Zoom! Part 3

Hurray for three day weekends, even if C. didn't have full advantage of it. He flew out this evening for 3 days in Reading, of all places. On the downside, it's for the three days. On the bright side, it's only for three days. His sleep schedule will be a mess by the time he comes back.

Sunday we went Ren-fairing with Jennie and Kelli (who has a car. Thank you, Kelli! Also for the donuts!). I had a good enough time at it last year that I initiated the return trip. The weather was beautiful and the sunshine would have been perfect if I'd remembered to put the sunblock that I'd brought on at the beginning of the day instead of well of the way through it. My skin was pinked but not sensitive before I sunblocked myself up safely. Happily, I didn't leave it too long. Thanks to Kelli, we spent more time shopping than doing anything else. She's very, very entertaining to watch shop, full entertainment in her own right. I caught the plot intro and plot conclusion, but missed any development which happened during the day. We went to one of the jousts (largely tests of skill) and ate a fair amount (I diligently focused on protein -- and my perennial weakness for fruit juices). I've been in need for a while of new skirts of the cotton/machine-washable variety, and I bought I lovely robin's egg blue one which suits perfectly. It's perfect, except for lack of pockets. I also bought a lovely headband/crown/choker versatile bit of jewlery which suits me quite nicely. It was a day well spent.

Spending the day in the sun, however, made me both tired and grumpy, so I fell asleep early and did little today other than tidying and watching the air show and going to a movie with the usual group. The air show made for better watching earlier in the weekend when the sky was blue-er, but was still quite spectacular. It was the first time that having sunglasses proved very very useful, for seeing the formations and contrails against the hazy brilliance. The movie was Possession, an enjoyable academic/historic romance novel featuring more competitive research hijinks than I ever would wish to encounter in my own research life.

Tomorrow is back to real work. Morning: type of last bits of things for professor. Afternoon: commit to either clocks or optics and track down a healthy sample of survey articles.

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