S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I don't know how to express my gratitude to John, larkvi, and dark_age_gal for helping me pack today, for hours and hours. John was here most of the day, after driving me to campus to pick up my desk things from there. The other two left less than an hour ago. Between them, the kitchen, my clothes, my toys, my books, and my papers are all almost entirely packed. There are still endless odds and ends to deal with - board games, the cookbooks, a few boxes of papers to sort through. There are things to pack which didn't fit easily in existing sets of box contents - the laundry basket frame, my shoulder dragon, the Venetian hat.

I have no strong sense for how far packed I am. This move is more complicate than usual. I can't look at a room and judge how done I am by its emptiness. I have more furniture to sell off, more things to give away, other things to air mail, or send back to Des Moines.

Also, between an ongoing family emergency and the packing, I don't actually know when I am leaving Toronto. Currently, the plan is that I leave a week from Tuesday, but this plan has changed on a daily basis. We'll see.

If anyone wants 3-ring binders, I have a great many of them, now empty. And photo albums.
Tags: moving experiences
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