S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Cutty Wren

All weekend long, off and on, I've had the song "The Cutty Wren" going through my head. I'd never heard it before Friday at Music Night but, in the early part of the evening when, for once, it was dominated by the girls (well, two of us), Rebecca sang it and I followed along with the words out of Rise Up Singing. (Which is handy. Most of the usual pieces end up in the groups' binders.) I'm sure there are less haunting ways to sing the song, but her rendition was both beautiful and striking, and it's her voice I hear in my head. The notes in the book said it was a pagan English song based on likely Medieval traditions without elaborating much. Here are the lyrics as we sang them. (I found other variations online also.) Well, okay, I think the "us" in the second verse it a typo for "her" - at least, we sang it with "her" and there's no "us" to make further continuity with that varation in this set of lyrics. Reading through the lyrics now, they look so... I don't know, odd?... compared with the strikingness of the tune itself.
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