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I've been on hold for 20 minutes and counting, in the hopes of changing my plane ticket to give me one extra day to finish packing and cleaning the apartment. I'm close. It's manageable. But if I was going to manage it tonight, I wouldn't be getting any sleep and I would be very stressed about it - and it's not worth it when I have this flexibility, and since my grandmother is still stable. I've never been so easily able to change the date of a move before!

There's very little furniture left, but it's all big things: sofa, dresser set, bed. That's it. The computers are resting on the ground now. With the possible exception of the sofa, there are no chairs left in this apartment. Friends coming to pick up items from me comment on how empty it looks; all I see are all the piles of things left to deal with - to give away, to throw away, recycle, pack, or abandon. With regards to the move, the best things to happen to me lately were the realization I could give myself one more day to work on all this, and the landlady's permission to abandon furniture here, as long as I left the place clean.

Staying an extra day also lets me eat dinner with nearby neighbors and family friends - people whom, to my great embarassment, I've entirely failed to look up in all my years living in Toronto.

One particularly lovely moment at the pub last night: three Canadians offering to send me groceries from home should I miss any particular foodstuffs. Three Canadians. Home. Here.

Update: Half an hour of waiting and I'm successful! And ever so tired of listening to the same tune over and over and over again.


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Jun. 28th, 2005 12:24 pm (UTC)
You won a victory over the airline's evil phone system! Thank goodness you have an extra day, so that you're less frazzled.

I don't want my Owlfish to be frazzled. I wuvs her.

And I will happily send you any Canadian foodstuffs except poutine, which I don't imagine travels well : )
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