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Moving Credits

My landlady: for being flexible on when we moved out (I know, legally the case anyways now), and understanding about leaving the apartment a mess in the end.
saffronjan: for helping me pack and for giving up her husband's company on her own birthday.
John: for helping me pack on multiple days, driving me to buy boxes, driving my boxes to the post office, and for being a genius at making things fit.
B.A.: for driving me on sundry errands, helping me pack, and keeping me sane
larkvi: for helping me pack and offers of availability with a car on other days.
dark_age_girl: for helping me pack, and making me happy by realizing how nifty Playmobil is.
pittenweem: for helping me pack lots of delicate and breakable things, for looking after my harp after the harp box crisis happened, for comfort and support, and for giving me the means to smell lovely in the middle of my Chicago "vacation".
carmen_sandiego and snowdrifted: for a cute little "I love Canada" bear to cheer me up and offers of groceries-to-come.
ireactions: for providing me with my only available reading material yesterday and the fun of new friendship, which also helped cheer me up.
aerinah: for the perfect farewell card and last-minute offers of Settlers games (even if I couldn't accept them).
SmithKatie: for giving me a thoughtful and eminently useful travel kit, which I foolishly packed in my luggage at the last minute.
theengineer: for taping Muppets in Oz, buying a new t.v. just in time, and have the time for one last movie night to distract me from packing woes.
K.L.: for looking after the artwork, suggesting good contacts in London for job-finding, and feeding me a very nice dinner.
D.B.: for hosting a delicious and happy party this past weekend, involving croquet, cheesecake, homemade hamburger varieties, and learning to play Scattergories; all in all, another wonderfully good social distraction.
The Next-door neighbors: who voluntarily promised to carry my piles of garbage bags to the curb next week.
curtana and forthright: for taking time to visit with me and relieve me of bookends, even though they were also dealing with their four-day-old son.
My crowd of LJ friends: for advice, entertainment, and tiding me thorugh my last night of packing.
My crowd of RL friends: for coming to the pub, entertaining me, being there for me all along, and giving me reason to miss Toronto.
Colin: without whom I wouldn't have much of an incentive to move at all right now, and for occasionally making decisions when I was failing to.

I'm sure I've missed some people, but I'm glad for all of you, for making the mechanics of this move so much easier.


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Jun. 30th, 2005 08:35 pm (UTC)
Gosh! That's very sweet. It's a rather short book, it's a novella! I can only hope you're a slow reader.
Jul. 1st, 2005 03:03 am (UTC)
Luckily, I was so tired on Wednesday that I only made it through a few pages yesterday before falling asleep - no reflection on the book, I assure you! I fell asleep frequently yesterday, so it really wasn't until today that I read it. And picked up another book somewhat randomly from an airport bookstore. (Billed as a thriller, the first third has thus far been a story about people cataloging books - not a thriller at all. Even book catalogers will agree that cataloging books doesn't tend to qualify as constantly thrilling.)

Time and Relative was easy to read, after adapting to the voice over the first few pages. At first it was jarring to read whiney first-person, but it mellowed out after a few pages and was rather engrossing, really, if short. I could see how it came out of a t.v. series format - and would be easily adapted back into one. It does work well as a standalone, although I suspect readers more immersed in the series would get a whole lot more out of the references it makes. I presume you saw at least some of the show before reading this one? Also, I hadn't realized how old the song "Istanbul" was, since I only knew it through the They Might Be Giants cover. The book might've lasted me even longer had I not arrived at the airport today to find my plane delayed... and delayed... and delayed....

(Speaking of spead of reading - that was the best part about the last Harry Potter book coming out - all the people on my friendslist announcing when they were done and when they'd started and thus how long it had taken them. At the low end was an astonishingly short four hour reader. By that standard, I'm quite slow. By most standards, I'm reasonably fast.)
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