S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Christmas Passed

Over the last many months, I've sporadically ordered on-sale anime to my home address, intending to collect it all the next time I was home. Thus, I had the fun of opening a number of cardboard boxes and rediscovering all over again what it was I'd purchased: Fruits Basket, the second two Slayers series, SM S, .hack, and the first three volumes of the Tsubasa Chronicles. There was even my very own copy of Bernard Silvestris' Cosmographia. Even though I'd ordered everything myself, most of the orders were long enough ago that I'd effectively forgotten they were coming. Opening the boxes was like a festival of gift-receiving, all the fun and excitement and suspense.

Sadly, I don't now have the fun of followup, the fun of playing with all my new toys. I had a surfeit of luggage and needed to leave things behind, rather than taking other things with me. In the end, the relatively slender and robust volumes of the Cosmographia and the first volume of the Tsubasa Chronicles were all that came with me. I feel as if I've been deprived of my presents - when, in fact, the separation was voluntary and I gave them to myself in the first place.
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