S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

BSFA/AHR/Square Pie/Second-hand SF/Movies

  • I attended my first meeting of the British Science Fiction Association (BFSA) last night. Despite the rather corporate - if accurate - name, the meetings are nicely organized pub nights, centered around an interview interview with a science fiction or fantasy author, or other major player in the field. Last night, a journalist and SF-review author from the Daily Telegraph, Andrew McKie, interviewed Gary K. Wolfe, book critic for Locus. The evening doubled as a book launch (with free drinks!) for Wolfe's latest from Beacon Press, Soundings, a collection of his early-90s reviews. The interview was intelligent and entertaining, the atmosphere congenial. My first experience with the group bodes well for future fourth Wednesdays.
  • Five copies of the American Historial Review arrived for me today. I knew I'd paid extra to change my subscription to this side of the ocean, but five copies of the same journal seemed excessive compensation. As it happens, however, four of the copies are intended for other people. Somewhere along the way, one of the piles marked "England" wasn't unbundled. Should I stick them in a mailbox and hope for the best? Is there an internal UCL mail system I could put them into? (They're all bound for the same institution.)
  • Several months ago, I ran across an article observing that savory pies were nudging their way into the UK's upscale food market, after a long history of being generically low-class fare. Last week, I tried out one of the venues which is catering pie to the financiers of shiny Canary Wharf. Square Pie makes a reasonably fine Jerk chicken-and-sweet potato pie, one of a fairly large selection of traditional and newfangled flavors.
  • Is there more than one dedicated second-hand SF/F bookstore in the world? The co-owner of Europe's only wasn't certain. It's a rare, but wonderful, thing to have around this city.
  • I learned last night from someone living in the neighborhood that our local first-run movie theatre has a standing offer: all the movies you can eat watch in a month for a flat price of just under UKP 12. Tempting.
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