S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


It can take hours (days) to rig a ship. It's a vast project when the boat in question is a twin-masted square-sailed brig, even with a competent crew available. But this ship is special - this ship is mine.*

A competent crew would have made the job faster - if only they were real. But even if they aren't, and even if my vessel didn't even take an hour to rig, I am nevertheless now the proud owner of my very own two-foot-long seaworthy sailing ship. I'm more likely to float it in the bathtub than the ocean, but it's watertight, and none of the crew (including the monkey and the parrot) are prone to seasickness. Perhaps I should be worried by something else though: they're flying a skull-and-crossbones, have working cannons, and enough fruit to keep them alive for at least a few days.

* My own Playmobil pirate ship!

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