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Worldcon Friday

Today, I went to sessions. All sorts of sessions. Two were from Worldcon's academic track, including papers on Thursday Next, Hellsing, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and nineteenth-century American uses of King Arthur. One was Jane Yolen's highly entertaining Guest of Honor speech - except really, it was a question-and-answer session. Another was on the baggage of translating science fiction and fantasy into other languages.* An evening session best showed off Worldcon's pull: Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, and Terry Pratchett, all on the same panel.

Thanks to an hour volunteering at the Masquerade desk, I not only have a ribbon fluttering from my badge (a rare thing for me), but also had my photo taken - in part of a prize-winning Masquerade costume - by a press photographer from the Scottish Tourism Board.

Lunch was a low point - a tasteless sandwich with cold, dry bread, and dinner wasn't a great deal better. Socially, the day was pleasant. I ran into M.M. on the train, marahsk, avt_tor, and andromakie around the con, Torontonians all. I reunited with my opening ceremony friends for an evening of all six Star Wars movies in a bit more than an hour with Abba songs and kazoos, followed by a wander 'round of nicely-run bid parties. Using LJ names for the people at this con almost seems redundant: I'm unsure if I've met anyone without an LJ account, whether or not I ever learned their username.

* Did you know that the original French translation of Lord of the Rings was poorly translated, but well-written? The translator decided that "hobbits" must be a typo for "rabbits", and translated accordingly. In Sweden, two-ninths of the population own a copy of the first translationn of LOTR. The publishers commissioned a new translation, just to give people a reason to buy a second copy.


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Aug. 6th, 2005 01:43 am (UTC)
Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, and Terry Pratchett, all on the same panel.

I think my dad would be squirming in envy over that panel!

The Star Wars in an hour reminded me of the time I saw a 15-min version of the first movie put on by 3 people, complete with their own sound effects. It was pretty cool.
Aug. 6th, 2005 08:33 am (UTC)
Frodo the Rabbit!

Love it, love it...like a high fantasy Watership Down.
Aug. 6th, 2005 08:04 pm (UTC)
I'm sitting here imaging the films of LOTR with rabbits instead of people.

Key scenes (amongst others): anything involving Golum! Escaping Moria, huddling together in fear of the ring wraiths..

I think the cartoon version would work better (and that makes me agree with sioneva's thought).
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