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Worldcon Sunday (briefly)

For a moment, it felt as if everyone I'd ever met in the UK was winning Hugos last night. If only the rest of you had had the good sense to be nominated... frostfox won best fan artist. autopope (met over dinner on Wednesday) won best novella. drplokta and co. won best fanzine. And fjm and chilperic won best related book.

I haven't met her (although I went to a panel she was on), but Susanna Clarke won best novel for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

The ceremony set a record as the shortest Hugo ceremony ever, finishing around the one hour and thirty minute mark.

P.S. Saturday's masquerade not only started on time, there were never any real delays, the judges were ready when the halftime show was over, and it finished promptly. I am extremely impressed with the logistics at this Worldcon.


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Aug. 8th, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, you know Charlie also has a livejournal. He's autopope. I suppose that one of these days I'm going to have to read some of his SF, which is by all accounts quite good.
Aug. 9th, 2005 10:43 am (UTC)
I didn't know, but I'm not at all surprised since his wife has an LJ too. I talked to her about blogs, but not him. One of the people I spent much of the weekend with swore that his was the best book nominated for the Hugos. I haven't read any of them either.
Aug. 12th, 2005 02:14 am (UTC)
What's Susanna Clarke like? I'm loving JS&MN, though there are aspects of it that drive me batshit crazy as well. (You're an academic; surely you understand. She has no awareness whatsoever of how to write footnotes, either now or in the nineteenth century. The footnotes in JS&MN are just boring afterthoughts.) I'm about three-quarters of the way through the book, and it's taken me months to get even this far -- it's so fat and heavy -- but I do look forward to my few chances to read a chapter or two.

Ms. Clarke looks very pretentious in her picture on the dust jacket, but I can't hold that against her. I'm sure that if I ever appear on a dust jacket, I'll look even pretentiouser.
Aug. 12th, 2005 11:09 am (UTC)
Susanna Clarke is graceful and thoughtful, rather more elegant than schoolteachery. Also, very articulate, but not excessively verbose - to generalize purely on how she partipated in a multi-person panel. I can see why she might photograph pretentiously, but on a panel, her only real pretentions were towards being thoughtful.

I do not yet have opinions of my own on her footnote-writing abilities. I haven't read the book yet. C. has, so it's sitting on the shelf waiting for me, and I suspect I'll begin it sometime soon. Especially since I'm bored with the book I'm currently reading (which doesn't happen too often to me.)
Aug. 16th, 2005 12:54 am (UTC)
Interaction Events
I am extremely impressed with the logistics at this Worldcon.
Thank you for the kind words. Running on time and to time was one of my big goals coming in to this convention (I was the Events division manager), and thanks to the sterling efforts of a great crew of people, that's what we did. It's not just that things went quickly -- fast can be bad -- but that we had good shows all around, I think. (It was sort of hard for me to tell, as I was watching "from the inside" -- heck, I'm the only person who had lines in all five of the con's major events.) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and once again I thank the team putting on Events for their great job.
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