S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

An ideal place to shop

Several of my friends (especially those with LJs) have been advertising their goods and services lately. They make gorgeous and high-quality things. You should buy/commission from them.
  • wibblepot makes lovely greeting cards, which you can order from their website, Crafty Fox. (UK)
  • guyelfkin makes dolls and costumes - and is one of the best costumers it has ever been my privilege to meet. (UK)
  • carmen_sandiego makes elegant and whimsical jewelery. (Canada)

(And if anyone else on my friendslist wants product placement here, just ask.)

And then I thought - wouldn't it be wonderful to have a world where everyone I know could support themselves doing things which make them happy?

In the shopping grove of my dreams, there'd be a one-stop librarian hiring unit, buzzing with customers looking to hire private archivists for their enormous collections. maxineofarc and hedgies (and guyelfkin, oursin, and rhiannon76, if it appealed to them) could have their pick.

Equally popular would be the history booth, where historians could be hired by the hour for stimulating conversations on historical topics.

Want to join a high-quality gaming group, live action, table top, original or derivative? For an appropriate fee, darktouch, eddie777, madcatlady, acrabtree, or schizmatic could run or design the right game.

Musicians-for-hire would be another popular destination for customers. aca's band would be in high demand, square_egg, rhiannon76, and onlyocelot could cherry-pick historical instrument opportunities, and pittenweem and suffisaunce would help fulfill the numerous choir needs. Need a guitarist? naxos and piratehead may be available.

Dancers too would be in high demand. lemur_catta, marzapane, and rhiannon76 would earn lucrative wages for their elegance and hard work.

Knitting? Painting? Cat breeding? IT consultancy? Cooking? Book artistry? Convention running? Short stories, haikus, or critical reviews on demand?

My friendslists' profitable businesses would be standing by, waiting to help.

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