S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Mystery Chef, Mold, Shelf Dividers, Comic, Pie, Field Trips

Today at the Borough Market, a tall, bald man was cooking more for the t.v. cameras than the posse of bystanders who had gathered to watch. Is this some celebrity chef I'm meant to recognize, if I had watched more t.v.?

The first installment of mold-fixing went by rapidly yesterday morning, walls washed with a bleach solution, then painted over with sealant. In another week or so, they'll come again to finish the decorating part of the job.

My life has been much improved by my purchase of a few shelf dividers/cupboard organizers, cunning wire objects designed to fit lots more kitchen goods into tall cupboards, and make plates easier to get in and out without unstacking them. My search for these objects is not yet complete. I found a 3-in-1 set at Argos, the one I bought. Lakeland has a lovely selection, but pricy. John Lewis on Oxford St. doesn't sell them at all, contrary to intuition. Is there some organization store in this city I haven't discovered yet, and where I should be looking for these things?

Large swathes of yesterday disappeared as I read most of MegaTokyo, a comic long recommended to me by theengineer and ireactions. I'd idly looked at a few of the comic's pages in the past, but the comic on-screen and the one or two before failed to interest me at all. (And understandably. I suspect I had the misfortune to intercept a trio along the lines of normal comic, dead Piro day, and Shirt Guy Dom. In other words, no continuity of plot or style, and no sense at all.) This time, I started from the beginning and was rapidly sucked in to the tale of gamers and anime fans stranded without enough money in a Tokyo regularly pillaged by Godzilla and hordes of zombies, and populated by charming, awkward voice actresses and high school students.

On Sunday, there will be pie. All pie, all day. I think I'm baking a savory one this time around.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, the International Student Centre is offering its usual range of fun, orientation field trips to wine country, to Elora, to go apple picking. I want to go on a fun orientation field trip to the countryside too.

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