S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Zoology and other things

It's entirely possible that the trip I made to the Zoology library this morning will be my last trip ever to it. I'll be on campus a few more years, but I'd never needed to go to the zoology project before this brief RAship came up and odds are I'll never need to again. I have two more libraries to run 'round to on Monday and then my work with the assortment of creatures should be complete. I filled in gaps on wolves, spiders, and flying fish today.

I didn't have nearly as much time to work on the RAship things this morning as I had intended since despite my fatigue early on in the evening, I failed to make it to bed and sleep until the better part of 2am which, after hardly any sleep the night before, meant I was, strangely enough, rather tired. Still, at least I wasn't taking the latin exam today for any serious reasons, more as a warmup exercise and diagnostic so the TA can tell me just how much more work I really will have to do in order to be able to pass it.

Socializing afterwards proved decent, if mildly strange. The conversational groups were very clearly dilimited, although they later merged when a number of people left. Also, it was a very different selection of people than often happens, in part because several of the new students were there, and in part because many of the others are going camping this weekend.

At least I have nothing planned for this weekend. Sleep!

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