S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The case of the missing emails

Somewhere out there, in the world of electrons, wires, routers, and servers, I have some emails. I know I do since I sent myself some. And Kevin sent me on which C. received hours and hours ago. And LJ should be sending me an auto-email to let me know that rhiannon76 left me a delightful reply last night. Last night!

Hmmm... it looks as if its the alumnae account which is to blame. I had some of my addresses forwarding there, and they were the ones I wasn't receiving. Well, at least the owlfish addresses won't be affected by that anymore. I hope all the messages make it through eventually anyways. Come back to me, my emails!

Update: Hurray! The backlog of owlfish messages have all come through. Now it's only my two main email addresses which are affected. All LJ related email will arrive safely... it's just everything else I'll miss out on until this clears up.
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