S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Four weeks

I took a limo* from the Toronto airport to campus. The plane was an hour late arriving (strong headwinds, late inbound flight), so I was running behind on my dinner appointment with theengineer. The length of the drive was supplemented by delays caused by the cleanup traffic from Word on the Street, an annual Toronto literary festival, so the driver and I had plenty of time to talk.

The driver had been doing his job for a month of Sundays, with yesterday his fourth Sunday on the job. His family was out of town for a month, the money good, and there was enough downtime that he'd been getting plenty of reading done for his MA. The driver, you see, had twenty years in the international hotel business under his belt. The conversation was fascinating for someone like me who usually only sees the customer side of the business. The hospitality industry was his passion, but limo driving was a lucrative supplement. Those of you who like driving might wish to consider it.

Not long afterwards, still running late for dinner, I took a taxi to Urban Thai where we were meeting. The driver knew his directions, but was still missing parts of the patterns of driving in Toronto, such as that there are no left turns on any day of the week at Bloor and Bathurst. The ride was much shorter, but we talked. He'd been on the job for four weeks too.

* They cost just as much as taxis going from the airport to downtown, and are generally much nicer.

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